Ruined City: Part 3 & 4

Sessions 45 & 46

They camped out in the ruins, making plans on kidnapping the chieftain, and made their way across the ruins towards the lizardfolk territory. Along the way they popped into one of the ruined buildings, a library from what remained: they investigated and ended up being attacked by giant flies that were particularly hungry. The flies proved more dangerous than anticipated and managed to take a good bite out of Alf, Magnus and Ratkin, but are soon cut down by Jacob swinging his two-handed sword, Alf and Willow jabbing away with their spears, arrows flying from Callum and Ratkin, and a burst of magic missiles sent sizzling onto the flies. In the aftermath they searched the ruins, finding a few glass lens but little else.

They continued through the ruins, keeping under cover and in the shadows, ensuring that they wouldn’t be seen. Willow used the cloak to turn into a raven and scouted out the area, checking out the lizardfolk lairs: there were at least a dozen guards standing watch over the buildings and moving along the perimeter, and there were still some at the pool in the overgrown garden they had seen earlier. He reported back to the others, and they continued through the streets, climbing over rubble, moving along the crumbling Eastern wall until they were undercover by the cliff below the lair. Ratkin scurried up to see if he could see anything that would point them towards the chief, or even the raven statuette they were ultimately looking for, but saw nothing. He returned to the others and they changed their plan: instead of infiltrating the lair, they would try and draw out the warriors and whittle them down, so that they could sneak in easier. They decided to attack the pool and allow the lizardfolk to flee, thus altering the others that there were intruders, and hopefully draw patrols out to look for them.

Crossing the dense undergrowth to the pool they disturbed an owlbear, and attack it. Callum shoots it with an arrow, digging in deep, and Alf simply charged it, thrusting his spear into its dense flesh: it retaliated by clawing Jacob as he approached, and suddenly from the trees several lizardmen came charging out, flinging spears at Callum and Willow. Jacob chopped down the owlbear, and the party turned its attention to the attacking lizardmen: spears wounded Alf and Callum, but the whole party took revenge and slaughtered them swiftly. They then checked the pool and found it empty, with signs that others had fled. Counting their mission a success, despite the odd way of succeeding, they crossed the nearby bridge and hid in ruined buildings to either side, arrows and spears at the ready.

They waited, and after about an hour, they saw six lizardman warriors leading a giant lizard, tracking the party: they ambushed the lizardfolk as they crossed the bridge, taking out the lead warrior, badly wounding the lizard before they even knew what was happening. The lizard managed to scratch Willow, but then fell. Ratkin used his innate magic to send a lizardman fleeing, and it dove into the water, disappearing from sight. The others fell to spears and arrows; one tried to escape but was cut down before it could.

They decided to move, and maybe draw others out. They crossed the ruins again, back towards the forested Eastern side, and while moving through the trees they caught sight of wolves, large and dire-looking, following them. They attacked the wolves, and managed to slay them without too much trouble. Back to the cliff they went, ducking under broken houses to hide from sight. Ratkin sneaked up again, and saw more guards than before, as well as several looking out over the cliff. The party camped for the night, and in the morning Willow went scouting as a bird again, this time drawing attention to himself as he peeked through windows: there were lots of lizardmen! The heroes debated again, and decided to come at them from a different direction. Willow flew off again, and found that north of the lairs were no lizardfolk, but one building was occupied by what appeared to be a bunch of fir darrig. That might be the way forward, thought the party. Now, how best to reach them?

End of Session

Note: I’ve noticed that most of our combats last 3-5 rounds, with around 10 reserved for harder battles.