Ruined City: Part 5

Session 47

The party spent the whole morning debating what to do, abandoning their early morning idea of reaching out to the fir darrig that spotted. During the course of the debate, Willow loans his magic cloak to Callum, who shifts into a raven and flies off to scout out the lizardmen again: he reports back later to tell the rest of the party that there are at least thirty lizardmen that he could see, plus a few better-equipped folk and one that looked like a shaman; he also found a jail with a few doaine (rabbit) locked up, and this changed their plans entirely.

Now they planned on rescuing the elves and seeing what they could learn from them, before they did anything else. They dismissed the idea of just attacking and slaughtering the lizardmen, as they couldn’t be sure that they actually had the statuette that they had come looking for, and needed more information before they embarked on that course of action.

Eventually they decided to wait until nightfall and then clamber up the cliff, over the crumbling wall, and hide in a nearby building. Then, Magnus and Jacob would sneak up and free the slaves/prisoners, and bring them back. The others would wait in the building, about 130′ away, ready to rush to their aid if necessary. As darkness fell, the two sneaks hurried across the open street, using rubble as cover, and managed to get to the side of the jail without being seen. Then, after seeing that the front door was too exposed, they clambered up the wall and onto the roof, and looked over into a central courtyard. A lone guard stood watch. Jacob leapt down, intent on knocking the guard out, but only managed to floor both of them; then Magnus followed, and landed squarely on the guard, knocking him out cold. Jacob then slit its throat.

They searched and found several cells, half-a-dozen prisoners, who they rescued. Then another lizardman guard opened a door, spotted them, and slammed the door shut, shouting out to others. Magnus quickly barred the way, sealing the door and then, with Jacob’s help, got the slaves up on the roof. There he saw that the night was lit more than before and looked over to see that the jail was being surrounded by lizardman warriors! He called for Jacob, and as the fighter climbed up, the mage tried to blast the guards below with magic missiles but got struck by their thrown spears and had his spell disrupted!

Jacob leapt down, cutting into one of the guards, dodging their axes, as others moved in. Magnus caught sight of another guard clambering up on to the roof, but decided to concentrate fire on the ones below and let loose a couple of magic missiles that wounded one and killed the other.

Across the street, the others saw the explosive missiles and heard the fighting and hurried out to join their friends.

End of Session