Ruined City: Part 6

Session 48

While Jacob found himself surrounded, parrying thrusts from spears and dodging axes, Magnus reeled from a blow as the lizardman who had climbed to the roof clobbered him; the mage retaliated using the Ring of Many Colours and zapped his opponent with lightning, blasting the creature off the roof. Through the darkness the others raced to help: Alf and Willow advanced, ready to charge the lizardmen surrounding the jail, while Ratkin and Callum slowly advanced between letting loose with arrows that found targets more often than not.

Jacob cleaved a lizardman in two, but received three sharp blows from the others, shedding blood over the ground. Alf charged in, but the lizardman heard him running and turned to block the spear with his shield just in time, and managed to jab the watchman back. Willow proved more capable and charged in, taking one warrior by surprise and running him through with his spear. Across the darkened street, Callum landed an arrow into the back of one warrior, and Magnus unleashed a burst of magic missiles at the warriors fighting Jacob, injuring one, while shouting for the freed slaves to jump off the roof and head east to safety.

Callum shoot one warrior down; Jacob faced off against a lizardman champion, which took an arrow from Ratkin too; Alf and his foe exchanged blows, as did Willow and Magnus, who then managed to leap safely off the roof, landing by Jacob, who was now feeling worse for wear. Using his magic, Magnus healed Jacob as his backed away, allowing Ratkin to use his magic horn to cause the roots from the nearby tree to entangle the warriors he had been fighting. Alf slew one warrior and spotted a shaman approaching, along with at least half-a-dozen more warriors, spears ready to hurl at the heroes.

The party began to retreat, shepherding the slaves ahead of them, ducking as spears flew through the air. Callum charged into the fray, hacking at the enemy, dropping his invisibility cube into Jacob’s hand and allowing the wounded fighter to retreat from the battle, taking several blow as he then fled; but the heroes managed to pull away into the darkness and the lizardmen did not follow.

They hauled themselves over the wall and down the cliff, and found a place to hide and shelter in the surrounding forest. They rested for the night, setting guards, and were thankfully undisturbed. In the morning, feeling much better, they questioned the slaves and learnt that, despite hearing the dragon fly over several times, they had never actually seen it, and the heroes began to wonder if it was actually an illusion created by the shaman in some bid for power? They took the freed elves to Dryann, who took them under their wing and who also said they’d never seen the dragon, only ever heard it fly overhead. They took some food from her, and then headed back to the ruined city, sneaking through the streets and up the side of the crumbling cliff. They hid as a patrol of several lizardmen passed, then took shelter in a decrepit building to rest for the night. The following morning Willow used his cloak to turn into a raven and went to talk to the ogre Shepherd, who also had never seen the dragon, reinforcing the idea that maybe the dragon was an illusion. Deciding to check it out, he flew over the to the ruined Great Hall and peeked through a hole in the roof: and saw a large green dragon sleeping on a vast bed of treasure. He flew back before he was seen and they discussed whether or not it was real. Magnus decided he needed magic to check it out, took the cloak, and flew off to use his magical senses: it seemed to be real after all. He returned to the others and they sat down and wondered what on earth they did now.

End of Session

Note: it was fun listening to the players convince themselves that the dragon was an illusion, and they’re still not entirely sure. We’ll find out what they plan on doing next week.

Incidentally, if you’re interested in purchasing their adventure, you can find it here: Ruined City of Cyfandir.