Ruined Monastery: Part 1

Session 36

After burying their box of statuettes (in a place marked by a recognisable tree) the party of adventurers approached the ruins of the monastery with caution. They could see movement in the ruins, visible through the gaps in the trees: ogres, more like the feral ones they’d fought several times, not the kindly monks they had rescued a week ago now.

Magnus came up with the idea of using his newly learnt cantrip to create a sound across the ruins, to see how the ogres would react. He conjured a voice shouting for help, and a pair of ogres went off to investigate, grumbling. Another was sent to tell the boss and disappeared out of sight. As the adventurers debated whether to sneak up and deal with the two ogres, the ogres came back, complaining that there was no one there.

So the party made their way around the ruins, keeping out of sight, spotting a few sleeping ogres in the ruins of rooms, and a trio of them around a table, eating and chatting. Magnus used his cantrip again, making a whisper of “I’m going to kill you in your sleep” that sent the ogres into a heated argument over who had said, giving the adventurers the distraction they needed to move into a better position, intent on battling what they perceived as their enemy.

Magnus used his sleep spell on two of the ogres who had gone to investigate the first cry for help, both standing guard over what looked to be stairs leading down. Both yawned, but only on fell asleep, slumping to the ground. As his companion went to see what had happened, the rest of the party drew their bows and let arrows fly amongst the three arguing ogres, taking them completely by surprise!

One of the ogres hardly had a chance to get to its feet before arrows took it down, the others took a few hits, and Magnus magic missiled the ogre who was trying to rouse his sleeping companion. The other ogres started to head towards the figures they could see amongst the trees, calling out to alert the ones sleeping nearby. They woke and rose, and moved into the ruins, looking for the cause of the trouble. Callum shouted out “you lot, move up from the South and cut them off” and distracted some of the ogres, who turned back thinking more were coming from south of the ruins.

The ogre Magnus was blasting finally fell to another flurry of magic missiles, and Magnus joined the others, using his bow. Several ogres were struck by arrows and retreated, one fled, another fell dead. A couple managed to close in to fight, wielded clubs that managed to whack a few of the adventurers, but to little effect. One headed straight for Callum, who ducked behind a tree and used the invisibility cube to disappear. Ratkin caught the attention of that ogre with a well-timed arrow, and the ogre moved towards the rest of the party instead. The rat-goblin then used his terrifying presence and sent several ogres running for their lives; one was cut down, shot in the back, dead. The others disappeared down the stairs.

Jacob, Alf and Old Man Willow stabbed and hacked at the ogres, felling another, making the rest retreat. Then suddenly they were alone, the surviving ogres vanishing down the stairs. The party regrouped by the stairs, guarding it while Magnus and Ratkin searched the ruins for anything of interest. They found some old stores: a few bottles of wine, rope, flasks of oil, and a grimy bottle with some unknown liquid inside.

While the rest guarded the stairs, Alf ventured down and peered into the darkness of what they presumed was a cellar, and spotted an ogre lurking in the dark; he called out to it, but it did not respond and instead slowly moved out of sight, hoping no one had really noticed.

The adventurers decided to try and smoke them out, and gathered what wood they could, lit and threw them down the stairs, and waited to see what would happen next.

End of Session