Shadows: Part 3

Session 35

After tending to their fallen companions, Magnus using his healing skills to bandage Willow and Jacob, the party retreated into the hall with the ogre-monks and rested, feeling fairly certain that the Shadow Man below couldn’t get out. Just to be sure, Callum and Ratkin took turns watching from the stairs, but nothing came out and slowly the fires inside winked out, until the entire shrine/cellar was in darkness.

By that time the rest of the party had rested and healed, bringing the two fallen companions back to consciousness. Reasoning it out, they concluded that without any source of light, the Shadow Man would be unable to manifest, allowing them to bag the raven statuette and stop the creature appearing again. The monks confirmed that this was the case, and so Alf, with his dark-vision helm, headed into the cellar all alone, located the statuette and stuffed it safely into a sack, then into his pack, away from any light.

Back upstairs they talked things over with the monks and learnt that the Raven King was immortal, but that he was only immortal because he had trapped the crow-tribe into a pocket dimension (inside a huge snow-globe) and was siphoning off their power; they too would be immortal, trapped inside a bubble of time. If those elves were either freed, or killed, then the link between them and the spirit would be severed, rendering him mortal again. If they then released the fragments of his soul and allowed him to become a physical entity again, he could be killed once and for all.

The heroes vowed to find this globe and see what they could do. But, in the meantime, what should they do with the statuettes they now possessed? They first considered heading back to the tomb where the Lord Inquisitor was, and leaving them with him, despite how they left things. However, an augury by Magnus as he consulted the stars suggested that the mummy and his remaining minions was no longer in the tomb, so they decided it would be best to keep them with them. So they got the monks to forge a sealed metal box to keep the statuettes in, stuck that in a wooden chest, and loaded it on to their faithful mule.

Looking at their map, they then decided that their next destination (as it was on the way to the snow-globe) would be the ruined monastery a few days travel more or less to the north. They collected their gear, and headed off.

It took nearly a week slogging through the thick forest to near their destination, and then they were ambushed by giant spiders that sprang from the undergrowth. These proved difficult to kill, and swords and spears proved ineffective for the most part. The battle was won, in part, by a timely use of Ratkin’s terrifying presence ability and a series of magic missiles sent blasting into the arachnids.

They continued on, found a place to camp for the night, and in the morning continued on, reaching the ruins shortly after mid-morning.

End of Session

Note: Callum (and therefore Jacob, his ‘ally’ NPC) earned enough XP to advance a level, but would have to wait until they reached a safe haven before they could level-up.