Six Spears

Monday’s session saw the heroes fetch a chest from the lake, avoid the fir darrig by hiking through a swamp, visiting a market and fighting an owlbear.

Session 17


In the morning, after telling the fir darrig to stand guard in case of trouble, the party sent Ratkin, Callum and Magnus off on their raft, laden with ropes. They rowed out to the spot where they could see the chest below, and with a weighted rope they sent Ratkin swimming down. He tied off the rope to the chest and they hauled it back on the raft. Simple. They rowed back, pulling the chest into the ruins, out of sight of the fir darrig, who were beginning to think something was up. Magnus broke the rusty lock and they found a suit of chainmail inside, the rings coloured a midnight blue. It radiated magic to the mage, and they handed it over to Jacob to wear, He slipped his own mail coat inside the chest, which they then shoved back onto the raft, and set the raft loose in the lake; “Oh no, the raft got loose,” shouted Alf to the watching fir darrig. “Quickly, get it!”

As they watched the alarmed rat-goblins scramble and dive into the water, the party headed off into the swamp, aiming to force march through it and make their way towards Six Spears, a place where a market could be found. And a handy location, being at a crossroads in the forest. They soon left the fir darrig behind, since the small creatures would be hopeless traipsing through the boggy swamp. Through the rest of the day and most of the night they hiked, leaving the swamp behind just before dawn the next day. Fortunately, nothing happened other than a few stinging bites from insects, and they made camp atop a hill, under some trees for shelter.

As they set up camp, Magnus erected a Circle of Protection, but misjudged some of the runes and created something that protected them, but hummed strangely. Turned out it was attracting nearby wildlife, and soon afterwards their sleep was disturbed by the arrival of an enrage owlbear that came charging out of the trees. It didn’t even reach the circle before a pair of magic missiles from Magnus and a final jab of Alf’s spear sent it to its death.

At dawn they headed off, arriving at Six Spears at night. The small market was deserted and a ring of stones, each carved with symbols of the tribes of the daoine (the elves, as they heroes thought of them). They camped, and in the morning of the following day bid hello to several daoine, humans and fir darrig as they set up a market of a few stalls. They chatted and haggled, and bought some herbs and elixirs, found a deer-daoine who could identify some of their magical items (after a few days), and Alf bought a used torch from a pair of junkyard fir darrig called Bit and Bob, who claimed it was the scared ‘Torch of Saint Murgatrude’, as they claimed several other items were.

They party decided then to head east to the village of Haven, a few hours travel through the forest, and a place where they could find an inn to rest in while they waited for the magic items to be identified. Before they left, the traders warned them of the ‘monster’: a giant, enraged board that was causing the village trouble.

End of Session

They came away with some healing potions, a couple of frenzy-inducing potions, and two pseudo-invisibility potions, and exchanged some spellbooks, gems and oddities for other stuff, including getting their magic items identified.