Spire: Appendices

Appendix 3: Monsters

The Spire has its fair share of monsters, from the walking dead, to giant goats, spiders and ant-like creatures carved from obsidian. These are listed below with statistics for HD (that generally governs many other stats, from attack to damage), AC (based on a type of armour), and any special abilities worth noting (other than the obvious, such as an Undead’s immunities).

Some monsters are just re-skinned monsters common to most fantasy games. These are noted after the table below.

Gorillhippos5as chaincrushing attack as bear
Skin-wraith3as chainimmune to non-magic
Divine Spark7Noneable to possess others
The Mechanic7as plateintelligent, multilingual
The Rain Gods9as chaincast divine spells
Wind-walkers9as chain, shieldcast divine spells
Eater-of-Dreams14as plate, shieldcast divine spells

Others are just re-skinned monsters, as follows:

  • Barnaby (page 36) is basically an intelligent Mummy.
  • Feeders (page 52) are just otyughs.
  • Hunter-of-Men (page 60) is a dire wolf.
  • Obsidian/Dark Bugs (various pages) are just giant ants with extra armour (add the equivalent of a large shield to their normal AC).
  • Restless Dead (various pages) are typically either skeletons or zombies, albeit intelligent and emotive for the most part, also see below:
    • Animated Skeletons are typical skeletons;
    • Walking Corpses are zombies;
    • Hungry Corpses are treated as ghouls;
    • Intelligent Corpses are treated as wights;
    • Sorcerer Corpses are treated as vampires with wizard powers.
  • Tionne (page 110) is a vampire.
  • Cthon (page 118) is a vampirelich hybrid.
  • Chirugeon (page 122) is a Mummy, while his colleagues are Ghouls.
  • Shadows (pages 140, 147, 152) are typical Shadows.
  • Malicious Spirits (pages 142, 147, ) are Banshees, Ghosts or Poltergeists.
  • Spiders (various page) are of course small to giant-sized spiders.
  • Silver Humming Birds (page 168) should be treated as stirges, but with an increased speed and AC.
  • The Maiden (page 169) is a siren.

That pretty much concludes my notes for the Spire setting. Everything else in there is for you to use as you will.

I’d be quite interested in hearing how other people have used the setting and if they’ve created stats etc. for any of the NPCs and monsters. If you do, let me know.

If anyone has anything specific they’d like to know about, leave a comment and I’ll do my best to answer any questions or even post something about it.