Spire: Appendices

Appendix 2: Shadow-Under-Spire

The settlement that has grown around the towering Spire is known as Shadow-Under-Spire, and is home to a variety of souls. The shadow of the mighty spike looms over all. It has farms, places to eat and drink, and a market that swells once a week as merchants come to trade.

In game terms, if this used the ACKS rules, it would normally be a Class VI settlement, with a boost on market day bringing it to a Class IV for purposes of buying/selling.

Equipment Availability by Class

Price (gp)Class IVClass VI
1 or less6510

Note: this lists how many items of a specific type are available, not the total items overall.

Special Interest

  • Rainbow River Fish: the fish itself, when eaten raw, restores vitality as as if it was a healing potion; eating a cooked fish reduces the potency, granting only the minimum amount healed. The oil can be used to fuel lamps. doubling the duration and providing warmth as if it were a campfire. They are difficult to catch (1-in-6 chance).
  • Dougal’s Herbal Remedies (market): these remedies act as curative spells, costing 10 gp per Level of the simulated spell. They are perishable and there is a cumulative 1-in-6 chance, roll every morning, they they spoil and are useless.
  • Magical Toys (market): wind-up toy dragons that breath real fire; flying origami birds and insects that return to the thrower when called; spinning tops that never stop on their own; all for 1d20 x 10 gp. 1-in-6 chance of the ‘magic’ fading after each use.

I was considering creating stats for the Ten Interesting People, but I don’t think that’s necessary. Anyone of importance or in a position of power will be at least Level 5, with people like High Priests being Level 9 or above. Urchins, street thugs and so forth, are unlikely to be more than Level 3.

Anyone of special consideration will be given a few statistics though.

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