Strangetober and Other Drawings

In October I take part in Emily Hare’s Strangetober, based on her excellent artwork. I managed to keep up and draw something every day, and although my drawings are far from great, they’re a lot better than when I tried my hand at Inktober last year.

Here’s a gallery of the drawings I managed:


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I also drew this, which I aim to colour in at some point (by hand and also digitally, since I’ve scanned it in):


I’ve also started learning how to paint digitally, which is another steep learning curve for me, but I did manage to put together this eye by following along with one of the tutorials. It turned out quite well I think:


And, I don’t think I’ve posted this before, but I drew an isometric TARDIS a couple of months back too. Which was shown in the letters page of the Doctor Who Magazine (which made me happy):

I’m slowly getting better, but there’s so much to learn. Keeping myself motivated is a constant struggle, especially as we (in the UK) are in a month-long lockdown (not that it changes much for me, as I’ve been working from home since March and have barely left the house, which hasn’t done my health much good, sad to say).

I’ve also been slowly chipping away my my Brokin Teef RPG, although that’s also a struggle to be motivated, as there’s no interaction on my Patreon site and I thinking maybe that’s a lost cause now and I should bow out. I’ll see it out to the end of the year though and see if there’s even a smidgen of interest.

Anyway, that’s where I am. Aside from my weekly Electric Bastionland game (currently with two PCs sent back in time by the Laughing Devils, which makes my GMing job a tad complicated), I’ve been painting miniatures for a KILL TEAM game. Seems silly, since there’s no chance of playing it anytime soon, but it was a welcome change to writing/drawing/working.

Hope everyone out there is safe and well.