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RPG Adventures: Part 4

This next adventure was a commissioned piece of work, for both the writing and the maps that come with it. It is currently a Best Silver Seller. Ruined City of Cyfandir From the site: From the imagination of designer and cartographer Simon Forster, creator of the Book of Lairs and the popular OSR blog Sky Full of Dust, comes a new adventure for characters levels 5-7. Two hundred years ago, the elven capital of Cyfandir fell to the savage assault of the Great Dragon Aisoth,

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Ruined City of Cyfandir

An adventure I wrote (after being given the premise, toys to play with, and a bunch of suggestions by Alex) for the Adventurer, Conqueror, King System (ACKS) game has been released into the wild. Comes in two flavours, ACKS and 5E compatible: Ruins of Cyfandir (ACKS) Ruins of Cyfandir (5E) From the blurb: Two hundred years ago, the elven capital of Cyfandir fell to the savage assault of the Great  Dragon Aisoth, self-proclaimed goddess and sovereign of the lizardmen who followed in her wake. The elves, occupied with the Argollëan War,

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Sanctum of the First Blade

A Free Adventure by Simon Forster Another freebie, this is one that I ran a few years back during our long Against the Giants campaign (lasted 214 sessions!). An abandoned monastery lies forgotten in the depths of the mountains. Within lies a sanctum that holds the very first forged blade used to take a life. The monks that dwelt here worshipped it as a deity in its own right, protecting it from would-be thieves and scholars. They have long since passed away,

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The Prison of St Lucy

A Free Adventure by Simon Forster Once upon a time there was a demon who ravaged the land. It was eventually stopped by the combined forces of the Holy Order of the First Blade, but proved unkillable. Instead, one of the Order, a priestess by name of Lucy, crafted a cage for the demon and trapped it. The demon-cage was then placed inside a purpose-built prison, and Lucy was made a Saint for her triumph. That was centuries ago. The prison, for

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map of an ettin's lair

Lairs & Encounters: Ettin

More maps of lairs from the Adventurer, Conqueror, King System (ACKS) Lairs & Encounters book. There are some lairs I’ll be skipping, either because the maps technically already exist (as in the Death Charger, which is just a copy of a map that you can find in another book) or because they aren’t caves, or buildings, just trees or something that a map isn’t really needed for. Ettin The first map for August is the cave lair of an ettin.

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