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RPG Adventures: Part 1

Now I’ll move on to the various RPG adventures that I’ve published, those that have also hit the best seller categories. There have only been three of mine own so far that have gained such success, and one that was a piece of work for a different company that has sold reasonably well. First up, one of my first and one that I’ve revised twice (I think) after feedback and running it myself. The Curse of Ravenmere A short adventure,

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front cover of the RPG adventure The Curse of Ravenmere

Ravenmere: Parts 2 & 3

Double report today, as I didn’t have time to throw up a report of the game. This covers parts 2 and 3 of the Curse of Ravenmere sessions, ending in the removal of the curse and a close-call that was but a throw away from a TPK. Part 2 In the morning, the tension between the party members was still strong. Alf, Callum and Magnus, together with Horace and Jacob headed back to the village, leaving Old Man Willow looking

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