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created by Emily Hare

Strangetober and Other Drawings

In October I take part in Emily Hare’s Strangetober, based on her excellent artwork. I managed to keep up and draw something every day, and although my drawings are far from great, they’re a lot better than when I tried my hand at Inktober last year. Here’s a gallery of the drawings I managed: I also drew this, which I aim to colour in at some point (by hand and also digitally, since I’ve scanned it in): I’ve also started

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No More Maps?

Anyone who follows me on anything may have noticed that I’ve pretty much stopped drawing maps, for the most part. I’m still producing them for my own game, but Patreon (for example) is effectively on hold until I can figure out what I’m doing with it (I got an idea, but needs some work first). Technically, I’m still up for commissioned work, since the extra money is always welcomed (plus I enjoy the challenge of commissions), but largely, I think

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