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Are You My Mummy: Part 3

Session 28 Outside the tomb, in the mid-afternoon autumnal day, Ratkin mentioned to Alf that when the Lady mummy came out, she ventured into the lightning chamber and returned with the magic armour and sword. He didn’t see precisely where she went, since he was keeping out of sight, but it got Alf thinking: maybe there were other items to be found, hidden away in some secret room that they had yet to discover. He convinced the others it was

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Are You My Mummy: Part 2

Two sessions worth before tonight’s game. First session was largely fighting and retreating, but last week’s was predominantly role-playing. One thing we did do was ignore the mummy rot, as it didn’t feel right. It was still a tough fight without it. Session 26 & 27 Alf clashed with the mummy, his magic spear being one of the few things able to wound it. Magnus, thankfully, was able to lob magic missiles at the enemy, while the others stood terrified

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