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Brokin Teef

My Own RPG Over at my Patreon site, I have started a new project: my own RPG called Brokin Teef. It’s a game about gangs of scavengers that delve into ruins, derelicts and rusting outposts in search of things they can salvage, food, and ancient technology. There are other gangs to compete against, monsters to fight, and places to explore. It is not a retro-clone of anything, and uses a simple core mechanic for its system, but I’m designing to

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borough map

Forgotten Factories: an Electric Bastion Borough

So, I’ve got a copy of Electric Bastion by Chris McDowall (website), and I’ve been enjoying reading it immensely. Full of interesting stuff and a great guide for running a game. The rules are simple, the failed careers (sort of like classes) are inspired, and the notes for creating your own boroughs etc. are nice and easy to follow. So easy, I put a borough together. This is Buttermilk Borough, the Forgotten Factories, a district of abandoned and repurposed factories,

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The Haunted Wood

I’ve just made my latest RPG adventure book live on DriveThruRPG.com . This is an adventure for The Black Hack 2E rules, for about 4-6 Level 4 characters. Here’s the cover of the printed copy I got the proof of this morning: And here are a couple of pics of the interior pages, and the maps at the back of the book (also inside, and the PDF download has a separate file with all the maps on it): Here’s the

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Children of the Raven

Last week we started a new campaign, the Children of the Raven (a name that may possibly change, but which will do for now). Played the first session (did characters the previous week), and have the second one planned for tomorrow. We’re using the Beyond the Wall & Other Adventures rules, and the players created their characters using the playbooks. Haven’t fleshed them out too much at the moment, but we have the following characters: Callum, a Young Woodsman Young

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In the Forest of Broken Dreams

I’ve had this idea in my head for a long time, and keep coming back to it, but I’ve never really done much with it. Over the last couple of weeks I started to sketch out a setting, along with some rules, with the aim of maybe making my own RPG out of it. Now that I’ve put it down on paper, so to speak, the urge has gone. I don’t think it’ll work as a RPG, at least not

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covers of my published RPG work

OSR Guide For The Perplexed Questionnaire 

1. One article or blog entry that exemplifies the best of the Old School Renaissance for me: This: the Rainy City campaign. A setting that inspired and intrigued me, and that I’ve taken elements of in stories and games since first coming across it all those years ago. It’s the creativity, the approach to play, the fun the setting, play reports and details produced. I would’ve loved to play in a setting like this when I was still playing and

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Self-Promotion: Spire

My latest RPG book, Spire, is now available to buy. It was also supported by the people on my Patreon site, who got to see this as it came together. The book is a system-neutral setting/dungeon, 168-pages, largely in the same two-page spread style as my Books of Lairs. I’ll be adding game stuff on this site to supplement the book (new classes, NPC stats, and gaming mechanics as necessary). From the blurb: The Spire. A towering edifice a mile high and nearly

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cover of third book of lairs

Self-promotion: The Vale of the Iron God

My third Book of Lairs, entitled Vale of the Iron God, is now available to buy, and was supported via my Patreon site. Maps, lairs and dungeons all appeared there before it was published. This book has ten locations, a mix of lairs and dungeons, some spread across multiple pages, but all using the same two-page spread for maps/text and written with the ACKS rules; it include some new monsters as well. Available at RPGNow and Lulu. The vale sits between two mountains that border the rolling

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Book of Lairs: Urban Encounters

Self-promotion: Book of Lairs- Urban Encounters

My second Book of Lairs (subtitled Urban Encounters) is another collection of lairs (25 in all), again with two-page spreads with a map on one side and the text opposite. This time the monsters come from a variety of sources, not just the ACKS core rule book. There are monsters here from Teratic Tome, Monstrosities, and The Tome of Horror Complete. There are also two new monsters, this time illustrated by the talented artist Gennifer Bone. Available now on RPGNow and Lulu. The Book of Lairs: Urban Encounters is a

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book of lairs one

Self-promotion: Book of Lairs

The first Book of Lairs is a set of 26 lairs, with each map & lair on a two-page spread of this A5-sized perfect-bound book. The monsters are largely all from the core ACKSrule book, one for each letter of the alphabet, with a few new monsters to fill in some gaps; these new monsters are fully written up for ACKS and come complete with illustrations by the very talented Jim & Josefin Magnusson. Available on RPGNow and Lulu. This Book of Lairs is a collection of 26 lairs

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front cover of the RPG adventure The Curse of Ravenmere

Self-promotion: The Curse of Ravenmere

My second adventure, The Curse of Ravenmere, is a short location-based adventure, originally written for the Lamentations of the Flame Princess Weird Fantasy RPG, but changed to fit in with the ACKS rules, since that was the game I was playing. This adventure revolves around the village of Ravenmere and the curse that lies upon it. A very simple and short adventure, it has recently been revised to add a bit more content and new maps. Currently available on RPGNow. Ravenmere is a small village situated between

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cover for Mischievous Monsters: a fantasy adventure

Self-promotion: Mischievous Monsters

My first published adventure was a short fey-themed adventure called Mischievous Monsters, which was originally a much rougher post on my blog. This one is illustrated by Jim & Josefin Magnusson once more, with a beautiful colour cover that was so good I opted to have no text on it. The adventure itself revolves around the events one night whilst resting at an inn, includes some new monsters, and is enough to last a session. This was also written with the ACKS rules in mind.

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RPG Cartography, Adventures and Books of Lairs

A New Focus I started this blog back in 2011, a mix of rudimentary maps, ill-thought out ideas, and play reports from various campaigns. Interest in keeping it updated waned, posts came fewer and fewer (there were only 5 last year) and it was hard to compete with all those other blogs out there. So, time for a change and a different focus. Last year I redesigned this site to focus more on my map-making, RPG books (the Book of Lairs

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