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RPG Adventures: Part 4

This next adventure was a commissioned piece of work, for both the writing and the maps that come with it. It is currently a Best Silver Seller. Ruined City of Cyfandir From the site: From the imagination of designer and cartographer Simon Forster, creator of the Book of Lairs and the popular OSR blog Sky Full of Dust, comes a new adventure for characters levels 5-7. Two hundred years ago, the elven capital of Cyfandir fell to the savage assault of the Great Dragon Aisoth,

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The Ruined Outpost: Part 1

Session 18 The party arrived at Haven around late morning, and after a brief chat with the villagers who watched the gate, where allowed in. There they met Wise Maurice, the village elder, who questioned their motives for being there (exploring, discovering the history of the land) and told them about the monster plaguing them. In exchange for board and (fresh) rations they agreed to deal with this monster. Maurice introduced them to a couple of hunters, hare-tribe daoine (Blackberry

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