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And the rest?

But, what about the others? We know there are more! Well, yes, there are a few more, although none have sold well enough to be a best seller of anything. These, however, are the rest of my current work. I have my final book of lairs due out in the new year, currently creating it and posting it spread-by-spread on my Patreon site. There are three more, two books of lairs, and an adventure for The Black Hack that I

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The Haunted Wood

I’ve just made my latest RPG adventure book live on DriveThruRPG.com . This is an adventure for The Black Hack 2E rules, for about 4-6 Level 4 characters. Here’s the cover of the printed copy I got the proof of this morning: And here are a couple of pics of the interior pages, and the maps at the back of the book (also inside, and the PDF download has a separate file with all the maps on it): Here’s the

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