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Electric Bastionland: Worms and Zombies

Here is our latest gossip on events in the Buttermilk Borough of the ongoing Bastionland game: Since the last one, the treasure-hunters (or vagabonds as they’ve become know in the gossip rags) have stolen a bull from a farm in the Deep Country, paid a visit to the Painted Chimney to procure some oddities (a goo-bomb that coats targets in a jelly-baby blob; a zane star shuriken that freezes its target; glow-in-the-dark paint; and some spider-climbing gloves), and rescued a

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drawing of the doll musem

Electric Bastionland: Tittle-Tattle Tales

Ten sessions in and we have three gossip-related newspaper spreads highlighting events from the game; all listed below for reference and entertainment. I would say that the game has so far been a success, with plenty if hijinks, much more focus on figuring how to get stuff done rather than getting into fights and just rolling dice, and allies and enemies made along the way. The players have pretty much embraced the system, and only mentioned levelling up once, and

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fantasy canals

Electric Bastionland: Merman Trouble

We are now seven sessions into our Electric Bationland game, and it’s been fun. I think everyone had been enjoying it, and it has been a much more role-play heavy game that we usually play (role-play is always a factor, but since the games in the past have been D&D-types, there has also been a heavy element of fighting monsters), with only a few actually rolls since we started, only a couple of short-lived fights, and a lot of hijinks.

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