The End

Session 50

As the Huge Great Green Dragon burst from the roof of the hall, Magnus in raven-form flew off straight to the lizardmen lair, ducking through windows to hide his presence and managed to escape from its sight, flying off into the forest, as the dragon landed upon the rubble and shouted out for the attention of the chieftain. Meanwhile, seeing the dragon appear, the rest of the party abandoned the field and hid, behind rubble, fallen tent and ruined building.

After a little while, when no dragon comes hunting for them, the parties peer out and, upon finding no sign of the dragon, creep towards the lizardmen lair. Magnus, still invisible, flies up to the ruined tower and sits there watching, He doesn’t see the dragon, but does see the lizardmen organise a patrol, and sees them heading off in search of, he presumes, himself and his friends. Across the plateau, the others send Callum to scout ahead, but when he too doesn’t see any sign of the dragon, they decide to investigate the dragon’s lair while it’s out and about. They skirt around the edge, climb up, and sneak inside, Ratkin and Willow standing guard by the entrance. Magnus gets the same idea, flies over, spots the others, and lands, calling to them and joining them inside, on the great pile of treasure.

Which is when it all starts to go downhill.

Firstly, Ratkin and Willow hear the dragon approaching, although neither can see it. They hurry inside and alert the others, who grab what they can (magical items mostly) and head towards the open windows, clambering over rubble. They are just about to start climbing out, when Jacob hears the dragon breathing and the stink of its breath wafts over them. She then speaks, calling them thieves, promising to end their lives for trying to steal from her. They decide it would be a good idea to flee, at first. Ratkin uses his Tree Horn, summoning the plants to entangle the dragon, which they do. Alf, foolishly, shoots at it with an arrow using the fancy new bow he found in the pile of treasure; it goes wide, but it’s enough to draw attention to himself, and the dragon is not please at all they it is now being attacked!

It retaliates with a thunderous roar that shatters the already crumbling walls, blasting the heroes inside, showering them with rubble; Jacob is shaken, deafened, and everyone takes bruises and gashes from the fallen rocks; except for Magnus, who managed to move out of range and exited it via the entrance rather than the window. He pops around the corner, sees the trapped dragon, and pelts her with magic missiles. The dragon cries out in a mixture of rage and pain, its eyes fixing on the now visible wizard. He cast brave the flames to protect himself from what he suspected would be forthcoming dragon-fire.

Then the dragon utters its own arcane words, and the plants pull away; but it is a temporary respite, as Ratkin just summons more. Alf and Willow shoot it with arrows, both managing to pierce its scales; Magnus blasts it with more magic missiles, while Jacob and Callum head around the front, joining Magnus. The dragon then uses its own powers to entangle Willow, Alf and Ratkin. The latter two manage to pull free, but Willow remained caught. Back at the front of the great hall, Jacob and Callum let loose with arrows, which just pinged off its hide; Magnus temporarily blinded it with a globe of darkness around its head, but it just pulled free of the plants again and shifted out of the way of the darkness. It advanced on Magnus, claws glinting in the sunlight, its teeth flashing. The wizard brought up a mystical shield to protect himself, and Callum shot it again; from behind Alf jabbed at it with his spear, scoring a hit, drawing blood. Jacob tried to slash it with his great sword, but it slid away across its scales. Willow finally pulled free and raced after Alf.

The the dragon let loose a toxic cloud of poisonous gas (not fire after all, poor Magnus) and it engulfed Magnus, Jacob and Callum: Jacob collapsed, gasping, and fell to the ground, and Callum followed. Magnus managed to stay standing, and blasted the dragon with more magic missiles in retaliation, his last act before the dragon bit his head off!

Behind the dragon Willow shot it with an arrow, Alf struck a blow with his spear, and Ratkin (further back, but within sight and range) shoot it as well. The dragon turned on Alf and Willow, a claw sending Alf flying back into the rubble, dead to the world. Willow charged and was blasted back by another cloud of gas, and he fell too.

Ratkin ran.

And that was how it ended. The rest of the party made a fine meal for the dragon, Ratkin fled back to his home, and vowed never to venture out again, and the Inquisitor eventually returned with an army from across the sea, defeated the Raven King an laid waste to the forest.

The End

Note: thus this campaign came to an end. Death by dragon. Next Monday we’re starting a new game, Electric Bastionland, the new RPG from Chris McDowall, using the borough I posted a while back. Looking forward to that. I’ll post play sessions as usual.