The Old Elf Caves

Session 15

After arriving safely at the elven caves, the party discoved a nomadic group of ‘elves’, who call themselves the doaine and are in fact animal-people, in this case, hares. Their leader, Eloin, came over to introduce himself and question the party, but everyone is friendly and they sit and talk as the humans and their fir darrig companion make camp.

The elves, as the Empire calls them, are camping here for the night, but have discovered a monstrosity living in one of the caves. The party offered to help, and a plan was formed to rid the caves of this creature. The other caves, it turned out, were also home to a sleeping bear and an old troll, but neither were a threat unless troubled.

In the morning, the elves surrounded the cave entrances, while the main party and a few of the elves, went inside and after some exploring and sneaking, came across a frog-like monster that attacked as soon as it saw an opportunity: the monster was swift, but the combined might of Alf, Magnusmagic missiles, and Willow’s spear, vanquished it with ease. Poor Callum ended up missing with his arrows, but at least he avoided the monster’s gaze and poisonous claws.

Alf, it turned out, was poisoned, but Magnus managed to stop it getting worse, and with bed rest the warrior would recover. They bid farewell to the elves later in the end, then followed the clues of the map they found previously, and located a small cave where bandits had hidden a pile of loot, which they shared out amongst themselves. They rested outside, and discussed what to do next.

End of Session

Note: Magnus is now Level 3.