The Ruined Outpost: Part 1

Session 18

The party arrived at Haven around late morning, and after a brief chat with the villagers who watched the gate, where allowed in. There they met Wise Maurice, the village elder, who questioned their motives for being there (exploring, discovering the history of the land) and told them about the monster plaguing them. In exchange for board and (fresh) rations they agreed to deal with this monster. Maurice introduced them to a couple of hunters, hare-tribe daoine (Blackberry and Applepip) who agreed to join them in their hunt. What’s more, they had an idea where the beast had its lair, in an old ruined outpost a few hours north of the village.

After resting for the night, refreshed, fed, they visited Finana who had so far identified the armour, which turned out to be able to allow the wearer to blend into the shadows in dim or no light, effectively becoming invisible. The party then headed north, following the two daoine, and reached the clearing where the outpost stood a few hours later.

Callum scouted ahead, finding breaks in the walls, a fairly intact gatehouse and a crumbling tower, where only the ground floor walls looked intact. He could see no one around, but spotted footprints: both of some beast and of boots; people where here too, or at least had been recently. He beckoned the others over, and they sneaked across, some more quietly than others, and the party split into twos and threes as they approached the walls. They peered inside, but still saw no one.

On one side of the wall, Alf and Old Man Willow decided to climb through one of the holes in the wall, into the courtyard with its sprouting trees and what looked like a staircase descending into darkness. Alf crept over the wall, but didn’t see a rope lying across the rocks; his foot caught and pulled it, making a pile of stones clatter down, making an awful racket. Their stealth blown, everyone started to move in; and that was when the hidden bandits, who had been watching their approach, sounded an alarm!

From the tower, where the doorway had been covered by an old blanket, a huge boar with bits of armour tied to its bristly hide, burst out. Arrows from the gatehouse flew through the air, and footsteps on the stairs alerted them to bandits racing up into the courtyard. Bandits armed with bows and spears came out, and inside the corner building where Callum, Jacob, Magnus and Ratkin had entered, a hidden bandit popped up and let loose an arrow, which missed Jacob by a cat’s whisker. He immediately charged the woman, cutting her down before she could do more than rise up and reach for her sword.

Outside, Alf and Willow charged the boar, while Magnus and Callum moved into view, letting loose magic missiles and arrows. Blood sprayed into the air as weapons struck the boar, and the smell of burning flesh wafted across the courtyard as the wizard’s spells pelted the beast. Turning his attention to the bandits in the gatehouse, Magnus let loose more missiles, his magical darts taking out two of the archers. Another two shot from the ground floor, using the tunnel as cover. Across the courtyard, the boar gored Alf, who drive his spear through its chest, killing it! He then turned to the bandits who charged him, blocking their spears with his shield as they jabbed at his side.

Ratkin, using Magnus’ bow, shot a bandit, but got an arrow in return and quickly ducked out fight, bleeding badly. More arrows flew. striking Magnus and Jacob, while a spear caught Alf too.

Callum sent an arrow into one of the archers, felling him. Jacob spots a tougher looking bandit coming out of the gatehouse, sword ready for a fight. He obliged, and cut the man down with ease. Magnus turned his attention to another trio of bandits who came up the stairs, and set them alight, killing them instantly, with a well-aimed burning hands. Willow took out another bandit, his spear ripping through his chest. The last archers standing shot Magnus and Willow, but were felled by a shot from Callum, and then Jacob charged in, and cut the last one down.

The dust settled and no more bandits presented themselves. The party regrouped, looking around, wondering if that was it…

End of Session