The Ruined Outpost: Part 4

I’m a few sessions behind, so I’ll post this one to finish off the adventure in the outpost, and then another covering the rest of the sessions.

Session 21

The giant statue came to life and immediately attacked, its heavy stone fist knocking Alf and Willow to the side, while it stamped on the floor and shook the room, causing the others to stagger and stumble. Magnus kept his footing and managed to let loose with a magic missile that sent cracks through the statue’s body.

Ratkin, perhaps foolishly, leapt at the statue, his sword-cane doing nothing against the hard stone; Jacob too found that his sword was ineffective, and arrows from Callum just pinged off it. The statue moved into their midst, its fists flying: Jacob and Callum were struck, but Ratkin took the brunt of a strike and was sent spinning into the wall, where he dropped, unconscious.

Magnus proved the hero of the battle: one, two, three magic missile spells sent bolt-after-bolt-after-bolt into the statue’s stone body, eventually shattering it into tiny, unmoving pieces.

Inside the small secret room the chest was opened and a quartz statuette of a raven discovered, much to their surprise. Magnus stuffed it his backpack and they hurried out of the room.

They headed back to the entrance, camping for the ‘night’ in the corridor after they found the doorway shut. Magnus thought his knock spell would open it, but needed to rest and memorise it first. They set guards and slept…

…and during the night, the two daoine tried to steal the raven statuette. Magnus spotted them, and they lied about what they were doing, but without proof, the party settled for keeping a closer eye on them. Magnus’ spell triggered the mechanism and the door opened. They left the dungeon, headed back into the ruins and ensured that the dead were cremated. They headed back to Haven, where Fianna had identified some more items: a bottle of poison, and the cube of crystal. The cube could turn the holder invisible if squeezed, but the user had to remain stationary for it to work. Callum claimed the cube.

They headed back to Gallow’s Hill, where Magnus found his bedroom (where he hid the sandstone statuette) now a nest of hornets. He also found himself, due to the presence of the other statuette he now carried, feeling very hungry, nearly consumed by it. They purchased a reinforced chest to stick the quartz one in, which eases the hunger, left the sandstone one where it was (since the hornets weren’t causing anyone harm), bought a mule and provisions, then decided to head to Appleby.

End of Session