The Tower: Part 2

Session 32

Abandoning the cold room with the vials of frozen blood, the heroes ventured down in the lift once more, further below, entering a workshop of some sort, with dissected remains on tables, a small laboratory with a microscope and slides, and a corner with mirrors on the wall. Doors led out, one made of iron, the other wooden.

They avoid the mirrors, having heard stories of such bad magic associated with such things. They kept away from the bodies, but Magnus checked out the slides, looking at the blood squashed there in the microscope: he was overwhelmed by a desire to lick the blood off the slides! He had to be restrained until the urge wore off. Meanwhile, Alf poked his head through the wooden door and saw a row of cells with bodily remains and skeletons inside: ghosts rose up, calling out for help. He ducked back and warned the others. They stood guard by the door, but nothing ventured out.

Magnus and Willow headed down again, to the lowest floor, while the others stayed above on guard, calling down periodically to see if they were doing all right. The mage and the watchman found a vault, with force fields, chests at the far end blocked by these almost invisible fields, and a row of levers on the wall. After experimenting with the levers, Magnus sussed out how to turn the force fields off, and everyone came down: they reached the chests and looted what they could, including the onyx raven statuette that they had come for. Wanting to not spend too much time in this strange tower, they headed back up to the floor where the library was and Magnus decided he wanted to see what was through the door that the ghostly figure guarded. They played a game of chess, which the mage won. The ghost disappeared, the door opened, and another library was revealed. Callum and Magnus searched it thoroughly, finding several scrolls they could sell and a spell book that Magnus stuffed into his pack.

They left. The trapped wizard threatened and begged for them to free him, but they knew better than to trust him and instead Magnus sealed him into his room by magically sealing the door. Then they raced across the blasted clearing, avoiding the strikes of lightning, and were soon safe and sound away from the strange tower, another of the statuettes in their hands.

Looking at their map they decided to head towards the nearest location, where another of the statuettes should be: the monastery. They hiked through the forest, stopped briefly by an attack by two feral ogres, and approached the clearing where the monastery stood as the sun reached the highest point in the sky.

End of Session