Words (with the) Smith

Session 24

In Appleby the heroes bought time at a smithy and, after deciding melting it wasn’t going to work, set about smashing the basalt statuette: they succeeded in shattering it, but when it broke a spirit was let loose, whispering it was ‘free, free at last’ before disappearing into the sky, last seen heading NW towards where the ruins of Ravenscar lay. Oops.

Then there was a knock at the door and a Wordsmith (the local priest, officially the leader of the community) and several imperial soldiers asked to have a word with them. The priest introduced himself as Bartholomew and took them to his church, where he quizzed them about their dealings with the followers of the Raven King, the statuettes and much of their recent adventures; and the heroes more or less held nothing back.

The Wordsmith then offered to help and agreed to take custody of one of the statuettes as a gesture of goodwill, and proposed joining forces to combat the evil of the Children of the Raven. They agreed, and he told them of a tomb in the mountains on the edge of the North-West Wall, where a Lord Inquisitor, one who fought alongside the general against the Raven King, was buried along with his magical sword and armour: these would undoubtably prove a valuable asset to the party.

In exchange for the information, they escorted him and some of his soldiers back to Gallow’s Hill to collect the sandstone statuette that Magnus had left with his parents. Unfortunately, it turned out that it had been stolen by Scarlet, Applepip and Blackberry, three of the daoine that the party had encounter previously. Apologising for the pointless journey, they told the Wordsmith where the quartz one was hidden and bid farewell, intent on heading to the tomb.

They travelled along the old road towards Ravenscar, and when the ruins came into sight they approached carefully; and just as well, for they saw that there were people there, a camp, fir darrig standing guard. The heroes decided to try and lure them out, making a camp with illusions of them (conjured by Magnus) sleeping around a smoky fire. The day turned into night, and the heroes stayed hidden up and in the bushes below the trees around the camp. As night fell, several worgs approached the camp, sniffing out the place before retreating back into the darkness and heading back to the ruins: they were not drawn out as the heroes expected.

The heroes pondered on their next move.

End of Session

No fighting this session! Just role-playing and planning.